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Service Area

WestFair Rides provides volunteer rides to medical appointments for older adults and adults with vision impairments who live in and travel to medical appointments in Westchester County, NY.  Please call 914-764-3533 for more information.


This is how it works -- you can request a ride by phone or online, but must register (free) with us first.


Please call 914-764-3533 or fill in the forms to register as a Rider or Volunteer with WestFair Rides.
[Remember:  to qualify for rides through WestFair Rides, you need to be aged 60+ or aged 21+ with a vision impairment, cannot drive yourself, AND you are going to medical appointments.]
If you are a WESTMED patient, your physician's appointment scheduler will be able to request a volunteer ride at the time you schedule your next medcial appointment, but you must register first.

Request a Ride

Once you have registered as a rider with WestFair Rides, please call 914-764-3533 to request a ride.  


Any registered rider will be able to request a ride online.  Ask how a caregiver or family member can also request rides online.  Call 914-764-3533


Our service depends on the assistance of many volunteers, aging in place organizations, town programs, taxi backups and ParaTransit.
To volunteer, please call 914-764-3533 or submit a Volunteer Driver registration form.
We appreciate your time and energy, no matter how many rides you are able to provide.  One ride a week, a month or a year will make a difference!  
Once you are registered as a driver, you will be able to go online to select the rides you wish to provide and to let us know that you completed the trip.
We plan several events throughout the year to celebrate the work of our volunteers.  Please save the dates and join our growing community of loyal volunteers.


We depend on contributions from our riders, their communities, and the businesses and medical providers that serve them.

We do not charge for our service, but we do accept donations, wihch we use to recognize and reward our volunteers, who pay for their own gas and auto insurance.

Safely contribute to WestFair Rides by credit card or bank account (Electronic Funds Transfer) using PayPal.

Resources for Older Drivers

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has a variety of resources for senior drivers - some of which are free for AAA members. They provide access to the RoadWise Review (a self-assessment of driving skills for older drivers) and a senior driving website devoted to educating senior drivers.  AAA has an interactive tool called RoadWise Rx that allows users to see if their medications may interfere with the task of driving.


The Alzheimer's Association has information posted on their website for both health professionals and caregivers including research on when to recommend driving cessation,